The surroundings

Between the Tyrrenian Sea of Versilia and the Apuan Park peaks, where the view spreads from Livorno to Cinque Terre. An ancient land full of history and charming archeological sites, such as the Natural Archeological Park “Buca delle Fate” which shows how the area had been chosen by human beings since the very beginning.


Surely ancient people knew how to choose nice places to stay.

Actually Corsanico has been founded in the Roman period by the “Anicii” people who colonized the area reclaiming the land and made it productive.

Corsanico features an old Church dedicated to Saint Michael and built during Longobard period showing some Romanesque style preserving an organ created between 1602 and 1606 by the Venetian Vincenzo Colonna.

The instrument and its history are stricly connected to the people and to the development of Corsanico. Nowadays, the Association “Amici della Musica d’ Organo Vincenzo Colonna” organizes concerts among the most internationally appreciated and reknown.


All the above is enriched by vineyards and century-old olive trees, terracing shows a wise balance between man and nature. Vineyard and olive trees surround the valley, a real “Eden garden” ripped to swampland and today fertile for vegetables and flowers worldwide famous.

Amazing how the area has a strategic position, a quite and peaceful scenery at only 15 minutes by the highway – Viareggio and Massarosa exit – and easily connected to Carrara marble quarries, the city of art of Lucca, Pisa and Florence and the to beaches  of Versilia and Cinque Terre.

Out of curiosity the Bargecchia TOSCA’S BELL, which can be heard all over the valley up to Massaciuccoli Lake, have inspired Giacomo Puccini when composing the Tosca. It is still possible today to hear the bells phisically played as in the past.